Chakra Charm Necklaces

Chakra Charm Necklaces

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This is a listing for 1 chakra charm necklace. Please select your choice in the drop down menu. Designed to help ignite your chakra and connect with the energy system on a daily basis. There are seven main energy centers of the body called chakras. These chakras are like spirals of energy where each one is relating to the others. 

Choose between: Base /1st chakra, Sacral/2nd chakra, Solar Plexus/ 3rd chakra, Heart/4th chakra, Throat/5th chakra, Third eye/6th chakra, Crown/7th chakra.


Cast bronze attached to  2mm Brass or 1.7mm Gold Filed chain.


12mm by 12mm, chain length is either 16" or 18".   If you would like it longer please email me.  

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