6mm x 2.5mm Baguette Pair Faceted Oregon Sunstone, American Mined Gemstones

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This listing is for a Pair of  6mm x 2.5mm Baguette Pair faceted Oregon Sunstones.  This listing is sold as a pair.  Color is a tint of green, almost clear pale, dichroic.   Ethically mined, American mined, fair trade precious gemstones.  Oregon Sunstone is called the Diamond of Oregon because of it's brilliance.  These are great gemstones to use for Alternative Engagement rings. Also, these precious gemstones are PMC friendly and can be fired in place.


Oregon Sunstone


6mm x 2.5mm Baguette Pair Oregon Sunstone.  .63 ct. wt.  Cut to correct angle of refraction.  American cut.

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